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This weekend I would like to return to the classics The VIP Promo Pack is ready. Ultimix is a resource for professional DJs only. You must be a professional club, event, or a radio disc jockey to subscribe to our service. You must be a working non-broadcast professional to employ any video elements represented on this site. By pressing the OK button and proceeding, you certify that you are a professional club, event, or radio DJ and that video content will not be used for broadcast. Edition: Ultimix VIP Promo Pack displays a variety of stylistic content of the material, that is, will be, and perhaps will be, just a discovery. As well as an addition to your collection and archives. Get it FREE with your subscription to Ultimix and Funkymix.
Ultimix VIP Promo Pack June PT2-PT3 (2018)
Italo-Disco, Synthpop, Europop, Funk, Dancehall, Latin, Groove, Electropop, Tropical, Bassline | Ultimix Records
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Amazing Stories   June (1952)

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Angler ' s Mail  25 June (2019)

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Scuba Diver UK  June (2019)

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Hooking up again after their previous collaborative effort, Armin van Buuren and Garibay unleash their new pop-dance crossover to pick up where they left off. From the catchy rhythms to the relatable lyrics to the upbeat piano chords, Phone Down has summer anthem written all over it. U Already Know, invites NYC based rising star Jitwam to guest with the enigmatic troupe. Exuding a psychedelic soulfulness through his vocals, he brings a certified, yet hazy, swagger to the track. Entering a brave new world where his music traverses a genreless music landscape, David Ridley has carved out a sizeable niche with a production style that combines ambient and electronica with progressive and deep house.
Options Remake Of Tracks June -C- (2019)
Jackin, Indietronica, Tropical, Progressive, Future House | Zhyk Group
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 21-06-2019 | 05:35:39 | 769 Mb

Army Times  June (2019)

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Ancient Origins Magazine  June (2019)

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Baby Magazine  June (2019)

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AvBuyer Magazine  June (2019)

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Beijing Review   June 21 (2018)

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